• Bench Top

    Our plug and play machines have all the quality engineering and build of our industrial vacuum machines.

    Ideal for restaurants, hospitality, caterers, butchers and more.

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  • Free Standing

    We offer three product ranges to suit different needs: a cost-effective aluminum range, versatile clear lid, and a stainless-steel range for heavy washdown requirements.

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  • Double Chamber

    Benefits of a double chamber: while one side performs a vacuum cycle the operator prepares products in the other chamber. This accelerates the process meaning notable time savings.

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  • Bench Top Snorkel

    Commonly used for vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packing products such as liquids, fresh produce, and powders.

    They are also great for hardware items & electronic circuit cards for eliminating moisture getting to the products.

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  • Free Standing Snorkel

    The AZV models are for processing larger bags with seal bar options from 600mm wide to 1300mm wide or can be custom built to suit.

    The most common use of this machine is packing larger 20+kg bags. This is often used over a conveyor.

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  • Automatic System

    These systems are for continuous operation. This is the quickest and most effective form of Vacuum Packing Machine products.

    Commonly found in packhouses, abattoirs and fresh produce production lines

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