Shrink Applicators

Shrink labels play a pivotal role in elevating product visibility and customer awareness, enhancing shelf impact.

Recognizing the critical connection between machinery and label suppliers, Vacpack (D&L Packaging) are the only company that offer both as a complete solution.

We not only design customized applicator systems based on your needs but also handle the machinery commissioning at your premises.

Collaborating closely with your design team, we ensure the optimal presentation of your shrink labels. The unique advantage lies in our holistic approach—labels are printed by the same company that manufactures the machinery, guaranteeing extensive testing and pre-installation commissioning.

Our lineup includes fully automatic Shrink Label/Sleeve Applicators and Tamper Seal Applicators, adaptable to diverse applications and customizable to meet specific client requirements. With in-house expertise, we assist in label design, provide guidance on print layout, and maximize the overall presentation, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined packaging solution.

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Benefits of Shrink Label Applicators:

Efficiency and Precision: Shrink label applicators ensure efficient and precise application of labels, minimizing errors and enhancing overall packaging quality.

These applicators can be designed or adapted to suit specific requirements, allowing for customization based on the unique needs of the product and brand.

Streamlined Process: The integration of label design, printing, and machinery manufacturing by the same company streamlines the entire process, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation.

Comprehensive Support: Vacpack provides full in-house expertise, offering assistance in label design, advice on print layout, and guidance on maximizing the visual impact of shrink labels.

Thorough Testing: Labels printed by the same company that manufactures the machinery undergo extensive testing and pre-installation commissioning, ensuring reliability and performance.

Versatility: Fully automatic Shrink Label/Sleeve Applicators and Tamper Seal Applicators offered by Vacpack are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, providing flexibility for different product types and sizes.

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Shrink Tunnels

Heat Shrink Tunnels stand as a pivotal element in the successful application of shrink sleeve labels and tamper bands, with each type offering distinct features and benefits tailored to achieve optimal results for tamper-proofing and labeling.

We hold a unique advantage in advising customers on the most effective options for both automated application systems and shrink tunnels.

Our Heat Shrink Tunnels are crafted to seamlessly accommodate both Tamper Evident Shrink Bands and Shrink Sleeve Labels. The selection of the right tunnel for each application is crucial, and we offer various types, including Radiant, Hot Air Convection, and Steam.
Each of these options caters to specific needs based on bottle shape, label type, and label location, and they can be strategically combined to ensure optimal and customized results.

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Tamper Bands and Shrink Labels are used on an Applicator and Shrink Tunnel

  • Tamper Band

    A Tamper-Evident Seal or Band is a protective sleeve designed to wrap the cap and neck of a container, bottle or jar. In some cases will envelop the entire bottle or jar as a component of a full shrink label. Its purpose is to provide a clear indication of any tampering by requiring the seal to be torn and removed before the container can be opened. This added layer of security ensures that your product reaches the consumer in the intended, untampered condition, leaving confidence in the integrity of the product.

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  • Shrink Label

    Shrink labels, or shrink sleeves, are heat-applied packaging materials on bottles jars or containers for vibrant branding. Constructed from materials that will tightly conform to the contours of the object they are covering, providing 360-degree branding. Offering durability, resistance to environmental factors, and tamper-evident features, shrink labels are customisable for unique designs. Beyond aesthetics, there is no better way to provide shelf impact, making them popular in all industries.

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