• Semi Automatic Everlong

    An entry-level semi-automatic tray sealing machine for basic, cost-effective packaging designed for small to mid scale operations. Ideal for seal only applications or basic gas flushing.

    Offering simple and efficient sealing of food trays to maintain product integrity and hygiene.

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  • FRIMAQ Chamber

    A mid-level tray sealing machine equipped with Vacuum, Gas Flushing or Skin Packing capabilities.

    This technology creates an airtight seal that helps prevent spoilage while maintaining the desired freshness and appearance of the product. An ideal choice for a balance between advanced packaging features and operational efficiency.

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  • FRIMAQ Linear Line

    Linear tray sealing machines, featuring Vacuum, Gas Flushing or Skin Packing functionalities,

    Ideal for medium to high-volume production, these machines cater to businesses seeking optimal packaging solutions that combine precision, freshness, and productivity.

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  • Lidding Film

    Vacpack offers one of the most diverse ranges of lidding film available in New Zealand. This includes options for both food and non-food products for both barrier and non-barrier packaging.

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  • Trays

    Vacpack offers a range of trays and bases to suit our tray sealers or your current machine. Our products are designed to be better for the environment, hygienic, safe, convenient and visually appealing.

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