• Scheduled Services

    Efficient maintenance scheduling tailored to machine types, minimising disruptions to your business. We track and notify you of maintenance schedules, safeguarding against costly breakdowns.

  • Repairs

    Swift response from our expert team ensures minimal downtime during unexpected breakdowns, restoring operations promptly and effectively.

  • Spare Parts

    Comprehensive inventory of parts for our machinery or quick sourcing through industry contacts, providing timely solutions for repairs and replacements.

  • Warranty

    Our machines come with a minimum 12-month warranty, meeting New Zealand wiring regulations, individually tested and tagged to prioritise user safety.

  • Third-Party Machines

    We extend our repair and service offerings to other machines, even those not imported by Vacpack. However, we prioritize compliance with NZ wiring regulations and our stringent health and safety standards. If feasible, we can bring a machine up to the required standard, but we may decline service for machines that don't meet our regulations.

Contact our Service Team

To reach our service team, fill out the form below or contact us directly at 09 443 6301.

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