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TSA machines offer premium quality linear tray sealing and skin packing machines represent the pinnacle of packaging technology. These advanced systems combine precision engineering with innovative features to ensure exceptional packaging results. Linear tray sealing machines offer seamless automation, efficiently sealing trays with accuracy and consistency, making them ideal for medium to high-volume production. These machines can also be manufactured as Skin Packing Machines which provide a superior display for products by securely conforming a transparent film to the item's shape, enhancing visibility while maintaining freshness and improving shelf life.

These premium machines incorporate benefits such as customisable sealing parameters, multi-functional digital controls, gas flushing capabilities, and easy maintenance access. The result is a seamless blend of efficiency, aesthetics, and product protection.

FRIMAQ TSA machines cater to industries requiring top-tier packaging performance, guaranteeing not only extended shelf life and enhanced visual appeal but also elevating the overall value of the packaged products.

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  • Durable AISI 304 Stainless Steel - Longevity in demanding settings.
  • High-capacity pumps - Fast cycles, reduces costs, minimizes wear.
  • Intuitive self-adjustable touch screen, 10 presentable programs for different products.
  • Auto cleaning oil system - Minimal maintenance.
  • Convenient internal access - Easy servicing and parts replacement.
  • Value-driven - Frimaq offers top-notch quality and features for cost efficiency.
  • Easy tooling changeover - Allows you to pack different tray sizes with ease.
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Learn about Skin Packing

Skin packaging is a popular packaging technique that involves placing a product on a specially designed tray or board and then covering it with a transparent plastic film. The film is heated and vacuum-sealed tightly around the product, conforming to its shape like a second skin. This process securely encases the product, providing a clear, attractive display while also offering protection from external factors such as moisture, contaminants, and physical damage.

Skin packaging offers several advantages, including enhanced product visibility, extended shelf life due to the elimination of oxygen, and the ability to accommodate irregularly shaped or delicate items. It is commonly used for items such as fresh meats, seafood, poultry, fruits, vegetables, electronics, hardware, and more. Skin packaging can create an appealing presentation on store shelves while ensuring product integrity and freshness, making it a popular choice for both retail and industrial packaging needs.

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