Sustainable Packaging for Ready Meals!

Sustainable Packaging for Ready Meals!

We are excited to introduce to you our latest sustainable product: Lined Sugarcane Trays. These innovative trays, feature a heat-resistant and recyclable lining.

Welcoming in a new era of sustainability and convenience in the packaging industry. We are thrilled to share this groundbreaking product with you!

The Lined Sugarcane Trays boast exceptional eco-friendliness, aligning with the latest guidelines from the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO).


2 Key points we want to share: 

  1. Recyclability with Heat-Resistant Lining: Our trays are fully recyclable, thanks to their heat-resistant lining. This environmental win ensures easy processing through standard recycling channels.

  2. Compostable Option: Utilize the convenient peelable tab to remove the lining, transforming the tray into a compostable option. After use, the tray can be composted, and the film can be recycled separately.


Versatility and Cost-Efficiency 

Beyond their sustainability features, these trays are designed to cater to various needs, offering exceptional versatility:


  • Strength: Ensuring the security of your food during transport and consumption, these trays are robust and sturdy.
  • Tray Sealing: These trays can be heat-sealed, just as you would typically encounter with traditional plastic or foil ready-meal trays.
  • Heat-Resistant: Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200°C, these trays are oven-safe for a wide array of culinary applications.
  • Freezable: Perfect for freezing foods, these trays maintain their integrity even at temperatures as low as -20°C.
  • Microwavable: Reheat you meals! Our Sugarcane Trays are microwave-safe, adding convenience to your daily life.

Contact Us for Pricing and Samples

If these trays resonate with you as much as they do with us, we invite you to reach out to us for more information.

Whether you seek pricing details or wish to request samples to experience the quality firsthand, our team is ready to assist you.


We Look forward to discussing this with you further

The Vacpack Team

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