Reliability, Durability, and Innovation

Vacpack works very closely with Turbovac, who boasts 60 years’ experience in the manufacturing of quality vacuum packaging machines and who have played a large role in both the original concepts and the on-going design and innovation of this range of vacuum packaging machinery.

To this day Turbovac still leads the way for new concepts and innovations and our new range of vacuum packers incorporate these industry-leading technologies.

A food packaging environment can be harsh on the components of any food packaging machine and in particular, the vacuum pumps used in vacuum packaging machines.

For this reason, we specify only Busch pumps in all our chamber vacuum packers, to minimise and eliminate any reliability issues that lesser machines will almost certainly encounter as they age.

Busch pumps are well known to have the best quality filter and construction of any vacuum pump on the market. This coupled with Turbovac’s innovative digital vacuum sensor and time control system, ensures the very best results for many more years than other machine manufacturers can offer.

Features and Benefits of Turbovac Vacuum Packaging machines:

  • Supplied in over 70 countries Worldwide.
  • All parts and assistance readily available = Reduced downtime for services or faults.
  • Digital control and display = Fast and easy to understand visual controls.
  • Large Capacity pumps = Faster cycle times, Saves labour & production costs.
  • MAP / Gas flushing = Extended safe shelf life of your products.
  • 10 program multi-function digital panel = Saves time with pre-set functions.
  • Auto cleaning oil system = Less frequent servicing, less wear on machine components.
  • Easily Removable sealing bars = Easy to clean chamber and refurbish seal bars.
  • Polyethylene infill plates = Faster chamber evacuation, faster cycle times.
  • Easy access to internals = Easy to service and replace parts.
  • Cost Effective = The quality construction and unequalled features of our vacuum packaging machines ensures maximum value for your money.