Tray Sealing is one of the fastest growing sectors in food packaging, with a wide variety of foods benefiting from this technology.

Tray Packaging / Lidding is widely used and accepted in the following areas:

Ready meals




Dry foods (Bread, Crackers etc)


The tray sealing machines we offer range from benchtop models with manually sliding draws, to fully-automated in-line systems, designed for use in larger and faster processing facilities.

Many models in our range include vacuum and gas flush options, for the longer, safer shelf life of many fresh and chilled foods.

Tray sealing can also be combined with one of our Cook Chill systems for improving product yield, flavour, and microbiological integrity while retaining freshness and flavour. (see the page on Cook Chill)

vacpack tray sealing

Tray Config and sizing

vacpack innovation in food industry sous vide

Fully Automatic Tray Sealing System

vacpack innovation in food industry sous vide tray sealers

Additionally, we offer skin packing and thermoforming machinery options.


The matching of the lidding film to a specific tray structure is possibly the single most important aspect of any tray packing operation and if this is not done with the required care, there could be expensive outcomes with wasted product, film and trays.


We offer a comprehensive range of CPET trays for all possible applications. We also work closely with other tray suppliers and manufacturers for trays of many shapes, sizes, and structures.