Cook Chill Systems for Food Service

Extend Shelf Life, Reduce Production Frequency, Reduce Production Costs

Cook Chill is a simple, innovative method of food preparation designed to provide more flexibility in food service, while extending shelf life and saving time and money over other methods. Cook Chill involves the full cooking of larger than normal batches of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled times & temperatures. Foods prepared by the Cook Chill method can be safely stored in a chiller for extended periods of time, while maintaining food quality, nutritional value, freshness, appearance & flavour. Given the longer safe storage achieved with Cook Chill, larger production of foods & sauces can replace more frequent batch cooking, saving you time & money. Our new Cook Chill system has a cost-effective entry point, making it a smart choice for both small and large kitchens. If efficiencies and cost saving in food production is of any interest to you, contact us for more detailed information on our Cook Chill options.

Vacpacks Cook Chill single adjustable pedestal.

Vacpacks Cook Chill 3 Post Pedestal is made from stainless steel to withstand weight and heat.

Vacpacks Cook Chill Clipper is made from heavy duty stainless steel, used with Vacpacks special alloy Cook Chill Clips to safely and securely seal Cook Chill bags throughout the cooling and re therm process.It makes sealing Cook Chill bags quick and easy.